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Thread: Custom PID: What functions can you use?

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    Default Custom PID: What functions can you use?

    I looked all over the site. Can anyone direct me to the types of mathematical functions that you can use when making a custom PID?

    I would like to check one variable to help determine the outcome of the PID. Possibly, do some filtering/refining during the logging. Just not sure of the syntax of used in EFILive.


    If ( [This GM PID] > 0){
    Custom PID ~= Custom PID

    Just a random example. Not applied to what I want to achieve.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Page 94 of EFILive Scan Tool User Manual
    iff(condition, true_value, false_value)

    condition: an expression.
    true_value: an expression.
    false_value: an expression.

    Return value: true_value if condition evaluates to not zero, false_value if condition evaluates to zero.
    You want to do this:
    iff({GM.PID} > 0, ~{CUSTOM.PID}, {CUSTOM.PID})
    Pids are always enclosed in braces { }.

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    Oh neat! Is there a file with a complete list somewhere?

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