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Thread: DFCO with A4

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    Default DFCO with A4

    I noticed that dfco in my 00 C5 is just working when decelleration in 4th gear. I have tcc lockup in 3rd and 4th.
    I get 99mpg inst. only until it shifts down to 3rd.
    My dfco settings are pretty agressive arleady but still I would like it to be active until my minimum set speed of 24mph.

    Are there any settings to be made to let it stay on in 3rd and 2nd gear?


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    I don't think the 4L60E can lock up in 2ed? I haven't owned one in awhile.

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    They can do lockup in 2nd gear, the tables are there. However, Ive never seen one from the factory lock in 2nd, and I know in my TB file the 2nd gear TCC stuff is maxed out so it will never lockup.
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