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Thread: A way to cheat and fix your strims/ltrims using Rtac Very quickly.

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    Default A way to cheat and fix your strims/ltrims using Rtac Very quickly.

    Hi guys,

    Here is what i did,

    I set up the system so it will shut off ltrims, and use strim feedback from the o2 sensors to do auto correction to the ve table.

    What does this mean?

    Well, when we are tuning our cars and mess with the ve, the pcm always changes itself back to what the o2 sensors are wanting when we are using our widebands. So, well, this way will just change and set up the ve table to what the Computer and its 02 sensors thing it needs to be. I have tested it on SEVERAL vehicles and it works awsome! It tunes the vehicle to a 0 strim all over the whole ve table except at 80kpa up. that is where you need to be using your wideband. Also you need to make sure your wideband is on and working just to verify you have no problems with the stock 02 sensors or have a vacume leak ect.....

    """"""""""Warning modifying this file may screw with things, save a copy first before proceeding"""""""""""""""""

    OK, here is what is needed to be done.

    1st we need to set up a Calculated pid that takes strims and makes it to a Ben filter like pid.

    To do that, we have to modify the "sae_generic.txt" file located in the efilive folder.

    Look in the file for
    # E38 VE
    # ========================
    factor 0.0 5.0 .4 "{E38.SCALEDCORVE_DMA}/1000"

    When you find this, copy paste this right after that on a new line,

    # Strim Fuel Correction
    # ========================
    factor 0.0 2.0 .1 "{SAE.SHRTFT1}/100+1"

    So the new entry should look like this:

    # E38 VE
    # ========================
    factor 0.0 5.0 .4 "{E38.SCALEDCORVE_DMA}/1000"

    # Strim Fuel Correction
    # ========================
    factor 0.0 2.0 .1 "{SAE.SHRTFT1}/100+1"
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