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Thread: ECM Lock and unlock

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    Default ECM Lock and unlock

    Does GM have a lock on any ECM's from the factory? I have one showing locked.

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    Yes, all ECMs are locked from GM. EFILive has to crack this code in order to send the bootloader to the ECM so it can be read/flashed. Now if EFILive cant crack this one, sounds like someone else has changed the lock code and either you need to know what it is in EFILive, or have that person unlock it for you. I dont think EFILive can unlock HPT locks and vice-versa.
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    Our latest pre-release software has an option that tries 2 additional GM keys. Sometimes (but rarely) controllers can get sent into the field with the keys set to "production line" settings. EFILive now allows you to "try" those keys as well. To try them, use the option "Try Alt Keys" in the PCM locking window.

    But what Erik said about the locking is all true. We can't unlock any other tuners' locked controllers and they can't unlock ours. (unless you remove/replace the flash chip).

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    Default Ecm Lock

    Will tech II reset lock so efi can unlock it?

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