I recently had my 2005 C-6 Corvette tuned with EFI Live with a MAF-less 2 bar speed density tune, and I have since experienced warm start issues. After the car fully warms and is turned off for 30 minutes to 2 hours, when I attempt to re-start the car, it struggles to start and takes 3 to 5 seconds to fully catch and stabilize at the 900 RPM idle. The only way to prevent this is to apply a light touch to the gas pedal prior to re-starting after the car has been brought up to temperature. My tuner has attempted to resolve the problem on no less than 5 occasions since the SD tune, but he can't seem to get rid of it. Any ideas from those in the know? My Vette used to start without any gas pedal pressure before the SD tune.

Many thanks, Thomas