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Thread: First Try and Editing A Tune

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    Default First Try and Editing A Tune

    ok, this is the first time I have ever tried to edit anything on any car computer. Beyond total newb. I do see I need to find a "PCM Editing for Dummies" book as about half of this I was confused.

    Anyway, this is my first attempt at the basic stuff, just to get the car to start and as few trouble codes as I can on first try. Id like for a few people to view what Ive done and tell me if they see something I missed, should have on, shouldnt have on, etc.

    Details of car are below that I think are needed for review :

    91 Camaro
    350 block
    810 swirl port heads
    TPI intake unmodified
    stock mangled exhaust
    unknown non-roller cam with quite a bit of valve overlap(it lopes decently)
    22lb injectors
    dual electric fans
    does have egr, map, maf, evap, purge, all hooked up.
    t5 manual trans
    3.23 rear axle
    235/55/16 rubber
    using '02 L31 van bin on the 0411 ecm.
    car will be mostly intown stoplight to stoplight. Occasional hwy and 1000ft dashes.

    things I know I played with:
    1. vin code
    2. speedo/axle/tire size
    3. fans turned on, #1 kick on at 190,off 185, fan2 195/185
    4. Class 2 theft off (later will attempt to connect to factory PWM)
    5. post cat o2 sensors off
    6. delete all automatic stuff, try to let it know its a standard
    7. fuel tank pressure stuff off.

    Do I need to make "B0104" cylinder volume 1000 rather then 713?
    Since I'm standard, how does it know what gear I am in for rev limiter?

    All help will be greatly appreciated!!
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    11 Silverado
    08 Sierra
    91 RS with 350 TPI and 411 ECM

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