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Thread: different operating systems?????

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    Default different operating systems?????

    hi guys been playing with my flashscan and i am very new to this my operating system is PCM 92111922 i was trying to put a maloo tune on but the only operating system is PCM 12202088

    my car is a 2001 ute 5.7 the maloo tune has the same operating system in manual but mine is a auto can i change operating systems? or can i use a manual tune? if so how ???

    Sorry if these are stupid questions i am just trying to get my head around it
    also if anyone has any tunes for a 2001 auto PCM 92111922 standard apart from exhaust and intake i would love to have a look at what you have done as i am a little clueless at the mo

    |Cheers guys

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    open both tune on,and copy and paste only the engine info and not the trans and you will be fine.when you are finish save it under a diffrent name so you don't touch the original.

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