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    Default Got some problems

    well I just had the 408 rebuilt for the 3rd time. I hanv't changed anything on it at all since it ran last. when i start it up it its got a bad miss. and i am throwing p0200 code. the log shows lt2 -60 but the o2s are reading normal. I dont know where to start. I have checked all the inject plugs and they are tight and all the spark plug wires are tight. and all the grounds are good. I havn't pulled the spark plugs yet to see what they look like. any help would be great. I just had to move from texas to va and i have to leave the truck at my parents house while i go away for the week.
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    LTFT's at -60%... sounds like one injector wire is grounding causing that injector to stay on.

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    I agree sounds like a injector wiring fault, you could carry out a cylinder balance test to isolate which cylinder is affected.

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