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Thread: Need Help - ECM locked?

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    Default Need Help - ECM locked?

    I was trying to do an initial read of my truck's stock calibrations and the EFILive tune tool froze with only 20 KB of the calibration loaded. It said it had 10:37 left to download and just styed like that for over 15 minutes. I told it to stop and it did but popped up a box saying that the transmision or acquisition (not sure the exact wording) had been interupted and the data was lost. I tried to start the download again and it said the ECM was locked and that if I knew the PIN I could unlock it. I tried unlocking it thru EFILive tune but once again it asked for the PIN and said that if it was locked by a FlashScan I need to unlock it with the same flash scan. The truck won't start and when I turn the key to ON the glowplug light doesn't even come on although it's 29* F outside. Where do I go from here. My only thought was to disconnect my batteries for 15 minutes and try again. Really need help fast - I have to be back on base (I'm in the USMC) by tuesday and I'm a 12 hour drive away.

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    Nevermind, thanks to some help from Guy Trippin I got it figured out. After writing this and going back out to the truck the ECM had reset and after trying again we had to pull some fuses to get it to download the stock calibration. Thanks for calling me back on the weekend Guy and for the tune you are probably writing for me right now.

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