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Thread: 7.5.1 can not find RR

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    Default 7.5.1 can not find RR

    i installed 7.5.1 and updated the firmware,and the RR could not be found so,
    i uninstalled the drivers with the FTClean and reinstalled them.
    after doing this 3 times

    i found that version 7.4 (A.K.A 7.5) would connect.
    i have added 7.5.1 to my firewall and i still can`t
    figure out why it won`t see the RR.
    also the RR filters have not migrated for some reason.

    i will also add that making 7.5.1 a stand alone install was IMO
    a bad way to do this.
    i think that a complete uninstall of 7.4 and install of 7.5.1
    would have been better, it has been a pain migrating settings.
    though not to difficult but a pain none the less.
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    Default Hummm

    I got mine going no drama....

    Never had to play with drivers at all. Once you get them right leave them alone.

    Check Com Port number set up, you may have to select "Virtual Com Port" in roadrunner settings.

    Edit/ Properties/ Roadrunner.


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    i have found the problem,
    when i opened the properties tab i had this
    Click image for larger version. 

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    virtual com port should be selected.
    i don`t know why this was like this,
    maybe i`m special
    i still think it stinks to have to migrate somethings manually.

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    Just for the benefit of all...Once your RR has been in and out of many different vehicles like mine; the main connector can get stressed and fail. This will drive you nuts looking for software issues when all along it is just the cable.

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    My filters have transferred fine. I just following the instructions.
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    i ment the filters from the RR tool bar.
    for some reason i had to reset them myself,
    the filter text was transfered as per the read me text after install.

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