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Thread: Problem report: 08 E38, BBL, TCS/AH trouble

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    Default Problem report: 08 E38, BBL, TCS/AH trouble

    When using BBL on a 08 Z06 E38 I consistently get TCS/AH issues. It looks like it happens when the V2 handshakes with the PCM. Car continues to drive fine but TCS/AH lights are lit up and TCS/AH is fully disabled.

    I do also randomly get this same issue even when not using BBL (e.g., when using my laptop to scan and tune). It seems more prominent when using BBL though.

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    I had the same problem on my 08 Z06 found the problem was that I connected to the ALDL after the engine was running. Plug into the ALDL before you start the engine and it should be OK.
    08 Z06

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    Good tip, thanks. That may solve the BBL issue. Now I just need to figure out what's going on that trips TCS/AH when not using BBL...

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