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Thread: Auto Tuning - Step-by-Step

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oaks View Post
    2007 dodge ram mega cab 3500 6.7l
    This particular thread refers to GM gasoline tuning...

    you might want to post in this thread: Cummins-6-7L

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    hey guys new here and need some help. i installed a vortec 5.7 into a 98 s10 along with a 0411 pcm. we have been trying to figure this out for some time. when truck first starts cold it runs very good maybe a little smoke from fuel im guessing. after it warms it starts to smoke of fuel badley. should i follow the auto tune post above or am i missing something. i am trying to run a 2002 express file for the tune. thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. by the way i have efi for this build but am not very savy on tuning.

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