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Thread: Dead PCM EFLI please help

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    Default Dead PCM EFLI please help

    hey guys well i was on dyno tuning the car and while I was flashing the computer turned off. It says that the PCm had no program so I did a full fash, I can read , write to the PCM but when I drive the car it knocks constantly even at low rpm. I put the stock tune back on and I am still having the same issues, I am getting codes p0355, p0352, p0351, p0354, p0353, p0357, p0358, p0356

    could this be coincidence or is it something with the car.

    Is it safe to say that my PCM is ok ?

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    What vehicle...?
    Were you doing cal-only flash or full flash when this happened...?
    When you then did the full flash, did it succeed...?
    When the full flash finished, did you leave key off for at least 15 seconds...?
    Were you using FlashScan V1 or V2...?

    I pm'd Tech Support.

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    If the engine starts and runs the software and calibrations in the PCM are OK. The PCM checks the integrity of the software and calibrations every time it starts up. If anything was wrong it would throw a "faulty ECM" trouble code and the engine would not start.

    All those codes indicate faulty ignition coil circuits, I presume that would also influence the PCM's ability to detect knock. It is likely that the reflash failing and the faulty ignition circuits are a coincidence only.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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