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Thread: flashing E38 ECU...bringing together BCM, Cluster for GEN IV conversion

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    Default flashing E38 ECU...bringing together BCM, Cluster for GEN IV conversion

    Hi folks, I am new in this forum and new to the EFI live world.. so pls be a little patient with me :-)

    I am electronic engineer working for Bosch rexroth in germany ( not car stuff but close loop controls for hydraulic applications..) . I own a 1997 which I will convert to he latest GEN IV engine. I bought a 5.3 out of a '07 yukon with flex fuel option. I opted for all parts, as engine harness incl ECU, BCM, instrument cluster incl wiring, fuel pump assembly...
    Problem is the components came from different donor vehicles ( all '07) . I will have to flash the ECU , BCM ... to work together in this conversion. I will have to use the latest tunes for the E38 ECU to give proper E85 performance, I also read somewhere that the active fuel management was updated a few times.
    So ok now a few questions..
    Is the flash scan V2 the right tool for the job? Is this forum the right place to get the latest tunes I would need for my project? Is I live in germany and visit the US only once or twice a year I will have problems to find proper support at home.
    any suggestions, comments will be very very welcome..

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    Where you expecting the BCM to also work in your existing vehicle? I'm not so sure that a 2007 BCM is going to work with all your existing 1997 modules (cluster, climate control etc).
    One of the issues you will have is the E38 ECM has no classII data bus, your 1997 vehicle will no doubt be ClassII, maybe the BCM will do the conversion from CAN > VPW, I am not sure.

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    Question Gen IV conversion issues

    Ok, the preparation od the project takes more time than expected. I am still waiting for my engine. ..
    As for the BCM question: I intend to use the '07 BCM and the '07 cluster. This should work so far...I should be able to have speedo, voltage, oil pressure, rpm and temp right away. also the driver information system should work.
    As for the AC I will use a "workaround" for the beginning.
    Then there are several warning lights of the non CAN '97 system to address: antilock, airbag,... the first idea here is to use the '97 systems and built some lights either into the '07 cluster (not CAN driven of course..)or built a second warning light unit which would work for the beginning.

    More interesting is how to tell the BCM that a few CAN units are missing in this application as '07 antilock, airbags, anti theft and such.... does anybody have some ideas on this matter?


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    I have heard of cases where a Corvette owner had active computer controlled shocks. He changed his shocks and the computer did not like it at all. He did research and found out this option could be "turned off" with a Tech2.

    Maybe this is an option for you? The only problem is that this isn't routine procedure so the dealer may have to be coached or alerted that you can do this.

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    When a BCM is setup, it is necessary to select specific options. Take note, you cannot remove any options you want. You may need to choose between standard a/c and climate control. In either case the BCM will be expecting to talk to an a/c module.
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