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Thread: Fuel Segments for 1998 T/A

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    Default Fuel Segments for 1998 T/A

    Hello all,

    You guys have been a huge help with converting the 411 and I am having issues with the fuel gage. I followed what was said in another thread about how to make this work and for some reason no matter what I do it is not working properly.

    Before I installed the PCM I thought I loaded the express van into COS3 so I could just transfer it over, but apparently not. Now that I have COS3 on the 2002 OS I can not just open the express van cal and OS to copy the fuel segment. Does someone have a plain express van loaded on COS 3 so I can do this the easy way?

    Thank you,

    ps..if anyone has a detailed step by step as to how to do this that would be greatly appreciated also. I am prety sure I am doing this in the right sequence...but who knows.

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    Hmmm...wonder if it's a cluster issue??? I'm pretty sure the '99+ clusters are different. You have one you can pull out of a '99+ and test?

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    Kenny what kind of problems are you having? The Express file should work as is in your Truck. You may need to adjust the fuel tank size and F0507 to read accurately.
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    Sorry guys. I should have asked the customer first before I posted. I thought about it last night and when I figured in the 3 Walbros that are in tank I had a feeling that the sender was messed up. Sure enough it is and the shop that did the install will be repairing it after I am finished with the tune.

    Sorry for the false post and thank you for the speedy responses guys.


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