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Thread: Injector PW & Duty Cycle

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    Default Injector PW & Duty Cycle

    In a drag race only vehicle and you hit 100% duty cycle can you raise the fuel pressure 20% (60psi to 72psi) then reduce your MAP VE 20% accross the board and come out the same AFR? Or is their a different formula to use without starting over on the VE tables?



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    Sorry Lee but it does not work like that. Fuel pressure rise vs. delivered fuel through the injectors is not a linear equation. Check out Russ Collins' web page for an online formula.
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    any concerns about increasing pressure to 70+ lbs? I am considering this.
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    If your VE table is dialed in you should be able to raise fuel pressure, then rescale injector flow rate table useing one of the spread sheets floating around (do a search)

    then you should be good to go
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