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    Ive got my scantool logging afr easy enough but how do i get it to give me a ben factor to multiply the map by, works fine on ls1's but the ls2 got me stumped, comes up with 180is numbers in ben factor which sounds more like early gm bens(delco 808 stuff) anyone see what im doing wrong?
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    I've had this problem in the past. If you go into your hard drive and then program files, efilive, configuration, then sae_generic (near the bottom).

    About 2 thirds of the way down:

    # Autronic WBO2
    # ========================
    V 0.0 5.0 .1 "{EXT.AD1}"
    AFR 10.0 30.0 .1 "{EXT.AD1}*4+10"
    factor 0.0 2.0 .1 "{CALC.AFR_AUT1.AFR}/{GM.AFR}"
    V 0.0 5.0 .1 "{EXT.AD2}"
    AFR 10.0 30.0 .1 "{EXT.AD2}*4+10"
    factor 0.0 2.0 .1 "{CALC.AFR_AUT2.AFR}/{GM.AFR}"

    Your Autronic needs to reference {GM.AFR_B}pid.....NOT {GM.AFR}

    Try inserting the "B" and you should be on your way. Your BEN should then be .8 or so which looks a bit rich!

    I've had a tough time with this PID stuff but it seems like E40 is not as popular as the earlier ECMs.

    Good luck, John

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    Thanks john ill try ill try it tommorow, yes its supposed to be a bit rich running in a 408ci turbo lsx.yeah the e40 stuff is a bit scarce .

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