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Thread: larger than 63.5# injector.

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    Default larger than 63.5# injector.

    Hey guys,
    We are looking to make a 1000 hp at the tires on our mustang dyno using the factory E38 PCM. What do you guys suggest in the way of fueling?
    We already have a fuel system with a boost referenced regulator. Is there a patch to enter a larger injector size? Could I run a injector driver and divide my VE table? or just buy buy a PCS fuel controler and run 16 injectors.

    Just looking at options and wondering what some of you guys may have done.

    Thanks Brent

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    No one ??

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    Try this thread

    worked for me on an E38, we set left the injector flow base as factory and multiplied the table wait4me indicated by the increas in injector size, so you need to no your original injectors flow rate at a given base pressure and the new injector flow rate at the same base pressure.

    devide new injector size by the old ones and this will give a figure to put in the table

    I think with 60lb mototrons we ended up with 1.61 across the board which worked fine.
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    63lb injectors are never going to flow enough fuel to make 1000 rwhp , been there a number of times and you will a lot larger to do it , we use a injector driver box to drive 8 big low impedance injectors , through the factory PCM .

    Issues are trying to get good control of a huge injector at low duty cycle , we normally sateg pressure to make the system seem like small injectors off boost.

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    We are making 850 FWHP with 63.5# Motrons in our TT ZO6 and still have duty cycle left. You WILL need a sufficient fuel system and a rise and rate regulator to bump fuel pressure with boost. We will be pushing the boost up another 3 psig soon which should break 1000 FWHP with those injectors.



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