I have a 2002 Camaro 408 with a D1SC. The trans is a
*** ( not FLT) level 4 4L60E transmission.
Ever since the blower I can not get it to shift at WOT. No matter where I set the MPH or RPM it would rev to the limiter. When this happens, the scans shows PCM commanding the gear to shift...but it just revs to the limiter.
The funny thing is when I removed the blower it shifts correctly.

The vendor ask me to check the line pressure with the trans electrical connector off ( since that gives it full pressure) and it was fine with 250 psi. They told me the trans was fine and I needed a TCI trans controller to be able to shift it. They had experienced this with a customers car and this was what fixed it.

Have anyone run across any problems similar to this?
I am running EFIlive V1 commercial.