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Thread: Invalid or missing calibration

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    Default Invalid or missing calibration

    Was tweaking some pulsewidth on a tune on went to reload it. During the download, EFI gave me a message that the ECM had bad or missing calibration, but I could still load the tune. Everything appeared to load ok and the truck ran fine.

    Well, I didn't like that error message, so I loaded the stock tune. Same error message, but again everything seems to load and run OK. Tried to load several other tunes and it's the same thing each time.

    Anyone know what might have caused this or what to do to make it go away?

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    OK, now we've got some really goofy stuff going on.

    When using the ScanTool, apparently it connects OK to the truck, but here's what's happening:

    1) When trying to log, I get an Error $31 "Request out of Range" message.
    2) When trying to check DTC's, the OBD tabbed screen tells me I am not connected to the controller at all.
    3) In the usual array of PID's that I log, six or so are marked as invalid for the LBZ controller I have selected. I am reminded of this fact in a message I get when I try to log.

    What to do from here?

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    Just for grins, I thought I'd try a reflash on the Allison Tranny.

    I also get a message that now says my TCM may have calibration issues. Everything was fine with ECM and TCM before the firmware upgrades and upgrade to Ver. Could that be the issue?
    I guess on the bright side, these problems are working wonders for my post count!

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