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Thread: Future C6 Corvette support?

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    Default Future C6 Corvette support?

    In another thread you say the LS2's are in the works....I plan on purchasing a 2006 C6/Z06 Vette (1 year away!) so I assume that will still be supported and cables etc will still work once the cal is worked out? Well that be an upgrade that will cost or a no cost item? What happens if GM decides to change the OBDII port or electrical system etc. will you still support then?

    By the way the NEW upgrade pricing is fair in my book and more in line with what I expected! The pricing justifies the long wait!

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    New FlashScan hardware is in the design stage, however we have not yet decided if we will support the new generation PCMs on the existing FlashScan hardware.

    We have not made any decision yet on what (if any) the FlashScan upgrade costs will be for the new generation PCM.

    If we decide to release new hardware to take advantage of new features in that PCM, then there will be an upgrade fee to cover the cost of the hardware.


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