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Thread: getting started with V2

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    Default getting started with V2

    I just got the v2 software and have a couple of questions on getting started. It came with 2 vin's. I cant even figure out how to get one entered. Do you have to be online to register the software? The laptop I have is restricted and cannot get to the internet. Can I register it on a different PC? Then where it says V2 Vin liscensing, it asks for a key code that is 8 digits. Where do I get that? Thanks

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    I'm searching thru threads, and I'm finding some that have been missed...

    Have your questions been answered...?

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    I thought the key code came in the box...

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    all the required informations you will find it in the EFI box ... the codes + the license number . you don`t have to connect online I did it just when I opened the software for the first time only.

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