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Thread: V4 wont display chatter on vr commodore v6

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    Exclamation V4 wont display chatter on vr commodore v6

    I had V4 working on my vr v6 series 2, reading chatter and displaying information once a on ibm laptop now on compaq and have tried several times since with no luck. It will show interface cable as connected to computer but will not read chatter and shows no connection to car. Already removed program from computer and installed again but no joy. ??? If I were to download the full version would that have a chance of curing my problem or is there something else causing it. I have the cable connected to com 2 and V4 shows com 2 as active but it wont work. I am using a compaq evo running xp pro so it ought to go like a mongrel dog. as it is I think the dog died. Hope you can help or at least give a few ideas. kevvrv6 PS changed settings from 9???? to 720? and will try again. cable installed using usb but identified as a port device so lowered port setting too. might be a fix for some one else. I am running xp pro with sp3.
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    I'm getting same thing.

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    Lightbulb possible fix for no chatter VR V6

    Hi Steve,I bought 3 different mod chips off eBay and all are reading ok they come up the same as the standard chip in my VR V6 acclaim.Are you sure you soldered the chip in properly or did you get a module with it already fitted? Should have updated to show I have mod chipped it at Efilive but been slack lately.Was there any type of warantee on the module you ought to be able to get a replacement at least if it is faulty. Unlikely that it would run properly if at all if there was anything wrong in the soldering but it is possible.Did it myself with the first mod chip I did. Started but ran like a mongrel snail, re-soldered it and purred like a kitten and ran like a tiger on steroids. Second one was a module with a HP chip and the third was another hi rev and power chip I use to PLAY. I got modules for each of them and the cable works fine with all of them.Try pluging in your cable if you use XP the found new hardware bubble should come up, if it doesn't or if you use another system,find your way to the device manager or open the control panel go to system then hardware and open device manager and see if the cable is listed in either the ports or as a USB. If not re-install the drivers and it should be there and it ought to work. Check that you are using the correct file as a template forget the name but it is for the VR V6 & V8 only so both motors use the same one. If you use any other file it won't work at all.I am actually a new user so after owning it for a year I have only used it a dozen or so times but the driver problem is the only on I have run into that I could fix myself and so far that has been my only real problem.Blacky is GOD with this thing he will know something (unless he referred you to me) if what I suggested doesn't work for you I hope he can help. Hope you get it sorted mate, Kevin. PS I have a compaq evo and that will not work with it at all no matter what I do so I have only succeeded because I swaped to another laptop, that might be the cure for you buy or borrow an IBM series 2 thinkpad or similar and try that. Install the program to test it then remove it before you return it. Think I would leave buying one as a last resort though. good luck with it mate If I think of anything more I will email you and let you know, good luck again, Kevin.

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    Blacky is away this week, I'm sure he'll respond next week.

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    Be careful when using USB-serial converters as some (most) don't like the baud rate 8228 which EFILive V4 uses to communicate with the PCM's 8192 baud. It is close enough that the PC's UART is capable of correcting the baud rate error, however some USB-serial converters cannot set that baud rate and even the few that can, do not error correct enough to communicate at 8192 baud. A real serial port, or a dedicated USB-ALDL cable* are the only safe choices for V4.


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