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    Hi All,

    a little while ago I was taking to a couple of other tuners here in Australia about setting up to do your first VVE adjustments. While I know that those who have been working with EFILive for a few years would have managed to work things out fairly well, us "newbies" ( so to speak ), have a pretty steep learning curve. So after talking a bit I decided to put together a quick quick to help the new comers and maybe a few of the more experienced as well.

    Please note that this is aimed at the Holden range of vehicles with the E38 controller, but should work fine for the G8 over in the US. It's been looked over by a couple of guys and should be fairly correct, but if any one finds any discrepancies, let me know and I'll update as needed. It's certainly not a replacement for the doco supplied by EFILive, it just takes a step by step approach to setting up ready to do the work.

    Hope this is helpfull to some.


    EDIT: I just realised I should have stuck this in the "Tutorial" forum.... Mods please move if needed.

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