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    Q - What is a .cax file?
    A - The .cax files allow EFILive users to add in additional tables / parameters to display in the tuning tool if they have the knowledge to do so.
    There is a sample .cax file included in the software package, it is located in the directory -
    \Program Files\EFILive\V7.5\Calibrations\Template.cax

    .cax files are just plain text files, therefore use something like notepad or UltraEdit to modify them, DO NOT USE Word etc.

    All .cax files posted in this forum are created by EFILive customers, EFILive cannot offer any support or validation of accuracy of what users post.
    Caution: .cax files are capable of allowing modifications to the operating system code, if the creator of the .cax file has messed something up this might leave your PCM in a non recoverable state.

    When submitting .cax files to the forum please zip them first and give clear instructions on where the files are to be extracted in to. For V7.5 software, the .cax files must be placed in to the folder -
    \Program Files\EFILive\V7.5\Calibrations

    Have fun!
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