Good morning all,

Went to the dyno yesterday with my LS2 Volvo A4. The dyno guys there are not fuel injection guys, but nevertheless have much experience with racing and LS2 engines which are utilized in the local race series. These guys have won the series championship 4 or 5 times in a row, so I think they know their business.
My car is an A4 with 346 LS6 block, stock bottom, TSP 5.3-2.5 heads and 220R cam .581lift 220 duration. Homebuilt headers and cold air intake, LS2 GTO intake manifold. 11.2 compression.
The dyno is a Dynojet, not sure what model. They dynoed the car in second gear from 2000 rpm to 6600 redline. It was hard for me to get many samples per rpm level as the engine just accelerated so quickly. After a few pulls I asked the operator if he could load the dyno so each pull would accumulate more data for me. That worked ok but was hard for them to get good info for the graph to look good on paper. I got what I needed and set the fuel according to my wide band.
So to the questions: Is second gear the "proper" gear to be in while dynoeing or should third be used? Should I have made a temporary tune in the T42 program to lock the coverter?
Finally: My wide band showed A/F ratio much more "narrow" than their's. They use the Dynojet wide band in the tailpipe with a long hose. When showing lean their's showed much leaner than mine. When showing rich their's showed much richer than mine. My sensor is 2 weeks old. Bosch 17014, LM1.
Thanks for all input. Still learning here, John