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Thread: 99 Z28, to upgrade OS or not?

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    Default 99 Z28, to upgrade OS or not?

    I have seen comments about people enjoying upgrading the OS on the 99-01 Z28's to the 2002.

    What are the advantages? Any drawbacks?


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    My limited understanding:

    The newer OS's have:
    - bugs fixed,
    - better resolution in some tables,
    - added new tables,
    - deleted tables that were senseless (Backup VE).

    Also, specifically 12212156 allows you to very simply jump to COS5 (adds NOx and BIG cam in addition to boost from COS3).

    When upgrading to 12212156, you will have to copy each table over, and resolve the few tables that don't map directly (e.g. one axis may have different units, g/s vs g).

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    On you can download a manual or automatic 1999 file that has all the tables migrated to the 2002 operating system. You'll just need to do a full reflash and go.
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