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Thread: E67 Hybrid Support

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    I am near SDSU
    Black 1999 Blown Convertible
    Forged 383
    ATI D-1SC-1, NX MAF Kit, 222/226 .585 115
    AS Stage II 6.0L FI Heads
    526.1 RWHP - 521.4 RWTQ - 10# - P1
    666.0 RWHP - 734.2 RWTQ - 150 Shot - P1

    2008 Black Yukon Hybrid 4WD

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    Sorry to bring this one back from the dead after over 10 years.

    I've got an 09 Tahoe Hybrid with a 6.0L LFA engine that I just tried to read with my V2 to see what was available for tables. It caused all manner of serial communication faults and DTCs set in multiple modules along with an error from both V7.5 and V8 stating that the ECM was out of range. I selected E67 for the ECM. I think it may be an E67A though? I didn't see that as an option in the list. Obviously, the download failed. I was able to reset everything with my Tech 2 and the vehicle suffered no ill effect. Am I safe to assume that these V8 hybrid ECMs are completely unsupported?

    I was mostly looking to see if I could disable AFM / VVT or see if it was possible to swap to a different engine segment to allow me to swap something other than the 6.0L engine in if the engine packs it in due to AFM mechanical issues.

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    Yeah sorry, dead and buried on the E67A, in fact it never got off the ground.
    Need official EFILive help, please go here.
    For tuning support please post your questions on this forum (or other auto forums).
    Sorry if I don't respond to your PM, don't take it personal.

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    Sorry, edited post

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