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  • Yes, count me in! I have no need for the "new stuff".

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  • Yes, I have old and new. Get this done quick, then move on so I can "hack" my new G8 and Camaro.

    10 71.43%
  • Maybe, I might be getting an old LS1 soon, but think EFILive is just fine as is.

    2 14.29%
  • Maybe, I don't care. Whatever you do, keep doing it well.

    1 7.14%
  • No, Don't waste the time. I only drive the latest and greatest and care not about the classics.

    1 7.14%
  • What? Now where's my timing light, points file and dwell meter?

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Thread: EFILive "Classic"/"Legacy"/"Historic"?

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    Lightbulb EFILive "Classic"/"Legacy"/"Historic"?

    P & R,
    How about a Branch in the process - Take a break before the new Camaro comes out, and clean the slate on the 1999 to 2002 Camaro/Firebird.

    Any remaining bugs, wanted items (EVAP?) unresolved user issues, etc.

    Those who don't want OnStar and IRS, or don't do trucks, or who are second or third tier owners of these old classics should have the best of EFILive as it can be - circa 2002.

    What do you think? Is it possible?

    (The n you can wash your hands of anything pre-CAN and concentrate on all the fun-stuff ahead?)

    Maybe offer the whole she-bang to one of your most active US-based rep, and rebadge it something different - to make it clear it's "developed" and only user-generated support and additions will be offered?

    Now's the time (if ever) to clear the backlog and then forget about it forever...
    Early EFILive V5 user - Upgraded from AutoTap for DOS!
    2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, A4 - For occasional day trips...
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    MRK, did you intend that we could vote on multiple options...?

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    Joe (Moderator) joecar's Avatar
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    I want to keep my Gen III so I want continued Gen III support.
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    The only reason I bought efilive was for my LS1 based truck.
    E85 is NOT flex fuel.

    2003 Chevy S10 4.3L LU3 LS1B Auto
    48 LB injectors
    Race Proven Motors 2114 intake
    T70 turbo.

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    I bought it for my (OLD "Kinda")1998 S-10 & my (NEW)2008 1500 Silverado
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    2008 2WD Ext.Cab Silverado 1500 6.0 V-MAX E38(L76) & T42(4L70E) MAF Only CL Corvette Servo AFE CAI INNOVATIVE LM-2 WBO2


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    I bought it for my 4.2L I6 P10 that has less tables than any single Gen III. And bought my V2 for BBF only, want to be able to flash tunes on the fly without a switchable OS. Ill eventually use it on an LS2 when I can get enough $$$ together to buy that TrailBlazer SS I need haha.
    2013 Sonic RS Manual - 1.4L I4T E78, tuned, turbo mods, etc.
    2008 TrailBlazer SS 3SS AWD Summit White - LS2 E67/T42, bolt ons, suspension, etc.
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    I have an need to tune a few of the very first new Camaros. Like # 1 and 2, so you know how I vote!

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    2000 C5 Coupe, 6M, Callies/Mahle stroked LS7 (441), Blackwing, Halltech, LS3 intake, 90mm Shaner TB, ported L92 heads, FAST 50# inj, not too much cam, Kooks 1 7/8" headers , 3" catless mid pipes, Z TIs, track suspension, , 3:90 rear, EFI V2, LM-2, etc.
    PowrMax Performance

    100 mm PowrMAF

    LM-2 EFILIve package with TAQ -sLM2 V-2 serial cable> Package deals

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