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    I'm new to forced induction engines. I have recently lost all boost to my engine. I'm running a powerdyne 6psi system and in data logging I can't get any readings over 100kpa, it used to peg the gauge before. I suspect it is the bypass valve from what I have read, I have the old style plastic bosch valve and can't find the exact replacment to try that route. Also the meth injection system is not working because it is not getting the booost signal to activate it. I used an air compressor to test the meth switch (set at 3psi) and the fuel regulator and both did activate with pressure from the compressor. I could really use any help offered to trouble shoot this problem. Could the belt inside the head unit be broken? All other readings are normal and no trouble codes set. The car is not running very well compared to how it used to run. It is a stock 99 Camaro Z/28 w/ powerdyne 6 psi kit, meth injection, and magnaflow exhaust and of course EFI Live tuning done by myself.

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    Sounds like you broke the internal belt to me. Pull the air inlet tube off and see if you can spin the impeller by hand. If you can, then the belt is broken. You can also take the drive belt off and spin the pulley and see if it spins the impeller.
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