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Thread: r.p.m. limits

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    Default r.p.m. limits

    Hello, I was wondering is it possible with the dsp5 to pick a position, say level 2, and limit the rpm's to 2000? The reason I ask is I read on here or diesel place that if you stay below 2000 rpm's that it keeps the main pilot? from opening up and that is where you really see a big fuel consumption increase. So what I am wanting to do is program level 2 to not go above 2000 rpm's which would give me about 68 mph. Thanks for any help.

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    Assuming you have an LLY you need to adjust the rev limiter tables B0725 and B0726. Not sure if the rev limiter tables themselves would take care of that completely, so I would cut back on the fueling tables above 2k to make sure.
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