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Thread: Car is too rich at idle in park / perfect in gear

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    Default Car is too rich at idle in park / perfect in gear

    I keep trying to pull fuel from the areas where it sits at idle (55kpa at the 800-1200 cells), but it seems to not make much of a noticeable difference. It seems to idle around 13.1-12.9 in park and around 14.4 or so in gear. Is there another table I should be adjusting instead of the VE? I attached a log and tune file.
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    03 z06 auto
    ver7.5.5 custom OS5
    415 ci
    239/255 .624 lift LSr grind
    Meth injection
    PLX WB02

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    I am sorry, i am actually gettin the opposite effect with my car..I am great out of gear but then go leanish while i drive in close loop...

    Try commandin open loop. If you are still rich in idle then it is your Ve map that should be changed...
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