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Thread: auto calibrations for manual?

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    Default auto calibrations for manual?

    Why is the transmission calibration full of automatic transmission settings for my 02 M6 camaro SS? The only thing I see that even applies to my car is the CARS/CAGS parameters. Only thing I can figure was GM left them in the tune because they simply did nothing. Any harm if I were to zero all trans calibrations? Also noticed the EGR spark correction tables are still there even though there is no EGR. Any harm in setting everthing to zero?

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    I would recommend not bothering with them. In the future you may want to compare your tune file with a stock file and will have all kinds of differences that actually don't matter to sort out.
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    So they serve no purpose at all? Did GM give the same tune to all LS1 f bodies, regardless of transmission?

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