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Thread: P0606 on First Read?

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    Default P0606 on First Read?

    I read out a stock 06 Pontiac Solstice today. The read went fine and the stock file is attached. Went back out to the car about 15 mins later and started it up to leave and the check engine light was on. The code was a P0606. Why would this code set when just doing a read? No problems were detected during the read. Should I even attempt to flash this car? I'm afraid that it might not flash correctly and leave the car dead.
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    Aaron L.
    Conover, NC

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    Hi Aaron,

    That is quite odd indeed and not something I have heard of happening before, what I would try is to simply clear the codes, start the car and see if the code returns.

    I don't think you will have any issues programming the ECM, though I would suggest the same DTC might come back after programming it.

    As long as you can clear the DTC when everything is done then there should be no long lasting effects of this code being set.


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    Thanks, I shall give it a shot tomorrow.
    Aaron L.
    Conover, NC

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