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Thread: EFILive on Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistermike View Post
    You're a sick individual. That's like saying putting my pud in a waffle iron is my favorite form of sex.
    Who've you been talking to? She said she wouldn't tell.
    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky View Post
    Actually Andrew is a UNIX guru, and I spent the first 15 years of my working life as a UNIX systems programmer - all done via green-screen, dumb terminal. Multiple sessions were handled by having multiple terminals on the desk - really low tech but expensive.

    VI is still my favorite editor. I can still code/edit faster using vi than when using any fancy IDE on a PC. If only I could integrate VIM as my Delphi editor...

    A UNIX version of EFILive would be easier for me to write than a Windows version.
    The thing preventing us from doing it is that it is such a small fraction of our user base. I know that is a catch 22, UNIX platforms won't dominate until all the apps are available for it, but the apps won't be ported to UNIX until it is a dominant OS.

    "If you build it...they WILL come".

    They never used to sell Laptops or PC's without Windows and the option to use Linux. Never before was it commercial viable/available. It is now in the USA.

    Linux EFI Live = More sales of Linux computers.

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