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Thread: Why Linux?

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    I am a Unix/Linux guy from way back. It's pretty much all I used to work with years ago actually. The only Windows systems we have (both EFILive and personally) are desktops/laptops. All our servers and backend stuff is Linux

    I have personally tried on a few different occasions to abandon Windows for Linux (usually Ubuntu) but there are just too many thing in my day to day activities that require me to use Windows. So ultimately I would almost always have a Windows VM running, which sort of defeats the purpose somewhat in my option
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    I managed to wean myself off of Windows sometime in the late 90's, and I haven't looked back. So far, the only two apps that I need Windows for are EFILive and SolidWorks. Since i don't use either on a day-to-day basis I seldom have a VM running. Even when i do have the VM running I run the app in a window of it's own on the Linux desktop.

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    FWIW, the "only" reason you "need" the USB drivers ATM is to flash the firmware into the V2 / Autocal and set up the PID selections for BBL. The rest can be achieved via BBL/BBR/BBF. Sure, running a live dash is extremely handy at times, but you can work around it, it's just more cumbersome. I've run ScanTool and TuneTool fine under Wine, saved the files to the SD card and all is well. Still.... Native Linux is the goal here!

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    I've been pretty impressed with the wine development as well, L4D2 runs great!
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    I'm keen to try Wine, myself.

    What I might do as a trial is install Ubuntu Netbook edition onto a pen drive to see how my HP Mini responds with the new OS...

    This way, I am not actually removing my current XP OS, at least not intially. If all goes well, I'll just intall Ubuntu over my XP install and kiss the random frozen screen issue good-bye, for good.

    Now I just have to get my netbook back from the sis-in-law!

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    That would be nice wouldn't it , Native Linux EFILive .
    As others have said , long time Linux user , SuSE (openSuse) has been my OS of choice , but have used every other one at least once , some several times (BSD , FreeBSD, Sun Microsystem, and a few other Unix distros) , I still like the QNX microkernel , Linux is a monolithic kernel as well , even the Google Android (phone OS) , go figure .
    My wife finally gave up on Winders as well and now my Tech Support for her PC is so much easier (almost nonexistent) , thank God Winders was driving me nuts .
    As you can see , by my post I am partial to Linux .
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