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Thread: 0312 Sub-scipt Code

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    Default 0312 Sub-scipt Code

    I have a customer who we have EFI-live currently on and I pulled his file out again to modify and it is giving me this error code when trying to do so. Anybody have any insight as to why it is giving me this error code? Thanks!


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    Start->All Programs->EFILive->V8->Documents->EFILive Error Codes.pdf


    Sub Function Not Supported or Invalid Format ($12)

    The controller does not support the requested OBD mode’s sub-function.

    Contact EFILive if this error persists.

    Did you:
    - install V8 build 203...?
    - install firmware 2.07.35...?
    - program the BBx config (Program All)...?

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    I have the most current software along with the firmware installed as you stated. What is programming BBx configuration?

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    Default 0312 Sub-scipt Code

    Are you trying to read the file you programmed to his ECM back out?

    If so do you think you could have locked the ECM when you programmed it last time? I've read from Ross you can unlock it but he didn't say how in the thread I was reading.
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    Yes pulling the file back out, I don't remember locking the ECM.

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