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Thread: Disabling Active fuel Management

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    Talking Disabling Active fuel Management

    Does anyone have a clue if the active fuel management can be disabled???
    Why you ask - it makes the cat back exhaust sound like crap!!
    I just want all 8 cylinders all the time like the old days.
    Thanks Robert

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    Disabling shouldn't be a problem-- there are a number of tables that control DOD (the original name for active fuel management). I'm surprised sound is an issue- the DOD vehicles I've driven spend so little time in 4-cyl mode it seems like all DOD does is transition to DFCO. If you can't fgure out how to disable, send me a file.

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    Default Thanks!

    Before I changed the exhaust - you could not tell the change. Now that the exhaust is alittle deeper and louder, the change is very noticable.
    If you are in 8 cylinders, it sounds great.

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    Check out the attachment Blacky posted in this thread. Should be as easy as hitting "Disable".

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