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Thread: Just a few issues

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    Default Just a few issues

    Hello I am new to EFI Live. My car is a 2002 Corvette M6 with a 408, ETP 215 heads, 230/242 601/612 115 LSA cam, 1 3/4 headers, and SLP underdrive pulley. So far I got the tune pretty much down as far as drivability but still am stumped over a few issues:

    1) Getting knock past 4400 rpm
    2) Car shakes hard under 1500 rpm if clutch is completely out (only rolling without pressing gas)
    3) Upon deceleration i.e. pushing in the clutch when coasting to a stop the rpms will drop to 700 before returning back to 900. I am trying to figure out how to keep this at a consistent 900.
    4) It takes a couple times and I have to press the accelerator pedal to start the car. It's not difficult to start but would rather be able to turn the key without any issues.

    I attached my current tune file.

    If someone could please help me with these. Not really looking for a done up tune from anyone but would rather learn how to take care of it myself. Thanks,
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    I'm new to this myself still. So take my $.02 if you want.

    1, should be a no brainer. Change your 2 spark tables. I see your two tables are the same. From my understandings, one should be less then the other.
    2, sounds like throttle follower, or cracker? (I get them 2 confused)
    3, there are 2-3 different places this could be. B4603, B4522, B4332. Ive also read about people fuddging the timing tables down low to help with throttle recovery.
    4, I had to do that and my desired idle was off a bit. There is also a startup friction correction, and just flat startup correction. Maybe them. Also, are you "flooring" the peddle? Cause if so, that cuts fuel off and maybe your getting to much fuel?
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    Suggest you post a couple of scans. You can probably get some help.
    Run a scan in AM idling, from cold start to 92*c, in neutral with A/C off.
    Turn on the key and start the scan then start the car.
    Save without driving.
    Run a scan while driving after warmup
    The attached is a SS of suggested pids.
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    Thanks guys I will try and get some logs posted.

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    dixonk, welcome.

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